Showreel 2019

Pierre Thomas Retief

A quick peek into our in-house cinematographer's showreel.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Theatre for the Whole Family

He steals from the rich to give to the poor, but this time Robin cannot be in the limelight. It's the Sheriff of Nottingham's turn and he's got a story to tell that will make people quiver in their boots.

Next run: Carnival City, Mardi Gras Theatre 26 - 29 March 




In this retelling of the classic princess meets prince thanks to a pair of lovely shoes story, Cinderella decides she has had enough of her evil stepsisters and embarks on her own adventure.

Act Out Workshops


An opportunity for like-minded actors, writer, directors and other artists to showcase their talent, attend workshops and create new collaborative work.

Vertel Nog

July 2018

Emma cannot leave her house. She has agoraphobia. Thomas makes it his mission to try and save her by telling her stories from their childhood.

Chasing Joburg

January 2018

Three friends decide to tackle Joburg head-on as they navigate the mysterious streets to find adventure, friendship and insight.

Baai Baai Josef K.

August 2018

A short film about a jogger who picks up an innocent looking watch only to find out it has something else than a quick jog in store for him.